1986: BORN || Milan, Italy

1989 – 2006: STUDIES || Milan, Italy
French School – Lycée Stendhal
Grown up in a multi language and international school, becoming italian-french bilingual.
High weekly rate of English classes from 10 y.o. and German ones at age 13.
Classical Lyceum
Classical studies were the ones i liked more, widely known as the more oriented
towards an open-minded cultural structure of the subjects treated and approach
to them, to anything in-and-outside this world.

2006 – 2010: VIDEO DESIGN ACADEMY || Video Design @ IED Milano, via Sciesa
Focusing on: New Media Art (T. Gemin), Pop: Music, styles and cultures (S.Messina),
Contemporary Art (L. Parmesani), Semiotics (E. Fiorani), Sociology (G. E. Simonetti),
Editing (P. Ranieri) , Production (C. Rizzo), History of Cinema (T. Porcelli),
CG 2D After Effects (M. Paffi), Realtime generative Audio/Videoprojections (C. Sinatti).

2010 – 2013: VIDEOART DAYS || Worked with Studio Azzurro, group of Video Art Masters from Milano since 1982, creating interactive multimedia buildings with such a rich diversity of Video-Projections; for different Museums, Exhibitions, and site-specific Shows.
I will always bring with me the Art-Interpretation mindset of F. Cirifino, P. Rosa, S. Roveda and L. Sangiorgi, whom i walked with in different Narration Forms into the Video Art world.

Experienced in audiovisual performances, I staged myself several shows as Synesthetic experiences, in different Vjing and lighting performances in Clubs & Art venues in Milano.

2013 – 2018: THE BERLIN YEARS || The VideoArt & Music Video worlds experiences of the past became a playground for several video productions, with all the creative possibilities  in the german capital. Videoart-Musical movies, Music Videoclips, Fashion Movies, all of them showing underground Styles and Tendencies with a strong sexuality freedom overall feeling, along with the sexual diversity acceptance that flows in Berlin citizens veins.

2017: MENUETTO FILMS || Founded my own Film Production company, Menuetto Films, currently filming a Documentary and producing a Short-Movie Feature Film since then.

2019: BACK TO TOWN || Relocated back to Milano, working on Fashion Movies & Fashion Campaign videos, creating pictures were bodies aesthetics movements are staged with seductive and appealing models. Besides commercial jobs, working on a Documentary and a Feature Short-Film Production, Greygreen.