I’m Lorenzo Villa (Milan 1986), an italian multimedia artist.
I live and work in Berlin (Germany) and Milano (Italy).

After studies in Video Design, from 2010 on I worked with Studio Azzurro, established video art reality since 1982, running on my versatility
to achieve the different kind of projects developed by the italian group:
multimedia building, software programming, synchronized videoprojections
and of course video making, for different interactive installations in museums or exhibitions, as well for art pieces at galleries or shows.
Experienced in audiovisual performances and interactive installations,
staging shows pursueing synesthetic experiences for the audience, especially in different vjing and lighting performances in clubs and art venues.

After moving to Berlin in 2013, the Video Art & Music Video worlds
experiences of the past became a playground for several video productions,
with all the creative possibilities were offered to me in the german capital.

Nowadays focusing on Fashion Movies & Fashion Campaign videos,
doing Lighting and Camera, working along with Timon de Graaf Boele’
and Senio Zapruder, creating pictures were bodies aesthetics movements
are staged with seductive and appealing models.

I founded in 2017 my own Film Production company, Menuetto Films,
currently filming a Documentary and producing a Short-Movie Feature Film
since then.